Williams Syndrome Changing Lives Foundation was formed to enhance the lives of children and adults with Williams syndrome by providing needed financial assistance with medical, educational, developmental, therapeutic and recreational resources.  

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​Centered on increasing Williams syndrome awareness and education for families, physicians, therapists and the community.


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No two individuals with Williams syndrome are alike and the degree of severity in characteristics vary from person to person.

Although your journey as a parent will be different than expected, rest assured that your journey will be as equally joyful. Before reading what to expect, we hope that you will find comfort in these words: You Are Not Alone.

Williams syndrome is a rare genetic disorder caused by a micro deletion on the long arm of chromosome 7. This region includes the elastin gene and affects approximately 1 in 10,000 births. 

Social gatherings and community events are important to individuals with Williams syndrome and their families. If you would like to get involved and host an event in your area, you may email us at info@wschanginglives.org. 

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Meet Our kids


Gentle, fun loving young man who loves vanilla ice cream, pizza and country music. 


    educational information

      Each child with Williams syndrome is different and many educators

      have never heard of Williams syndrome. When entering the school

      system, many parents find it helpful to provide a "profile" of their child.


Sweet, loving and caring with an amazing talent for helping others (and chocolate ice cream with sprinkles.)


A sweet, energetic little lady who enjoys showing off her smile to everyone around her!

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